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Escobar Law represents clients on Felonies, Misdemeanors, DWI, Theft, Assault, Drug Possession, Robbery, Burglary, and More

When facing a criminal charge it is imperative that you have the best representation available to you because your freedom, job, and reputation may be on the line. Whether you are charged with a serious felony or misdemeanor case, we will fight for the best outcome. We have achieved not guilty verdicts for our clients, dismissals, and no-bills. And other times, we have successfully lowered the charges to have less severe consequences for our clients. 

It is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as it becomes clear that you may be the subject of a criminal investigation. It is never in your interest to speak with the officer or detective assigned to investigate your case. Officers use high coercive pressure tactics to get you to say things that may be detrimental to your case. A knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney can advise you on what steps you need to take to resolve the investigation or prepare yourself for a pending criminal charge. 

From day one, we start to gather evidence favorable to your case, by way of witnesses statements, video evidence, and any other source available. We scrutinize police reports and body-cam footage to prepare a defense based on a violation of your rights or the insufficiency of the evidence to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

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