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Escobar Law represents clients in Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Modifications, Child Support & Access/Possession Enforcement, Visitation Rights & More

Escobar Firm is experienced and knowledgeable in all family law related matters. We have handled thousands of family law cases, ranging from divorce to adoption, and everything in between. 

Divorce: Family is one of the most important things in life. But sometimes family relationships can be dysfunctional and even after trying everything we can to make these relationships work, there is no other option but separation. These separations are even more difficult when children are involved. If you are going through such a separation it is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your parental rights and property rights. 

We can mold our representation based on your goals. Not every divorce has to be a high conflict contentious experience. Sometimes parties are able to reach agreements in advance of filing a divorce or custody case. In these cases, we can help them navigate the legal process and make sure their agreements will be approved by the Court and make sure every contingency is taken into account. BUT, if the other party is being unreasonable and agreements cannot be reached, then a more aggressive approach may be necessary. We are fully willing and able to go that route. 

Custody: Once the decision to split up has been made, then come the decisions regarding where the child/children will live. Currently, the law favors one parent being named the primary parent who designates the primary residence of the child and the other parent having visitation (weekends, alternating holidays, summers). There has been a recent trend to favor equal time with both parents in certain circumstances.

If you believe it is in the best interest of the children to primarily reside with you, then we can help prepare your case by putting together a strategy consisting of evidence and witnesses that will demonstrate to the court that this in fact is the case. If your circumstances are extreme, due to violence, substance abuse, criminality, etc we can petition the court to issue orders that protect yourself and your child by way of a protective order and/or supervised visitations. 

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